If you want to be a dog groomer that's what we'll help you do!

The Best Friends Dog Grooming Academy offers a wide range of dog grooming courses that are suitable for all levels of experience.

Courses are limited to a maximum of 3 students on any given day to ensure that you receive our constant attention and supervision. We will teach you all the essential practical skills and knowledge you need to either look after your own pets or run your own successful dog grooming business.

About Best Friends Dog Grooming Academy

We are passionate about what we do. Our aim is to ensure that you enjoy your training with us, using state of the art equipment and latest techniques in our bright, clean and friendly salon.

We also offer on-going support after your training has finished.

Below are some of the courses that are available

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1 Day Course – Pet Owner

The course is designed to give you the skills, knowledge and techniques of bathing, drying, brushing, combing, clipping and scissoring your own dog. Or you can choose to concentrate on a combination of the above.

dog grooming courses cheshire

1 Day Course – An Introduction

This is the ideal opportunity to see how a busy commercial salon operates, and find out if this is the career for you.

dog grooming courses cheshire

1-5 Day Course
For Beginners & Professionals

This is perfect for those who have little or no experience and wish to take the first step up the ladder to develop their career in dog grooming.

dog grooming courses cheshire

16 - 20 Day Course
For The Professional

A minimum 20 day course is recommended for those wishing to embark on a professional career in dog grooming.

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